Practicing Tips and Ideas

Lessons, Practicing and Performance

* You are encouraged to record your lessons. Many concepts are covered during a single 
lesson and it's easy to forget all the things you've done. The recording can be a great tool 
to use as you practice between lessons. It is also nice to have a record of your progress 
from week to week.

* Practice makes better! We all have busy schedules and numerous priorities. 
Participation in my voice studio is a mutual commitment. I am committed to providing 
you with every tool and resource at my disposal to make you a better singer. Your job is 
to reinforce the work we do together outside of the lesson. This includes detailed practice 
of vocal exercises, repertoire and incorporating body awareness into your daily life. I am 
always happy to discuss practice techniques and assist you in developing effective 
practice strategies

* Students will get musical and vocal information from a variety of sources including 
choral conductors, accompanists and school vocal coaches. When other teachers give 
instructions that contradict or conflict with what you're learning in your voice lessons, 
please alert me to these differences. It is important that all vocal information be 
consistent and clear. With this in mind, it is not appropriate to engage in regular vocal 
study with myself and another teacher concurrently. If this is an issue, myself and the 
student will discuss it and come to a solution that best benefits the student.

* I am to be made aware of any public performances, auditions or competitions. 

* Photocopies are only to be made for personal, educational use. Music for 
performance should be purchased.

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